We use exact methods for reaching the right color mix of your products instead of relying on the personal interpretation of our team. We utilize the appropriate tools  such as a Maquire Color Feeder so that your products have the correct color even  when manufactured at different times. Additionally we use a color spectrometer for validation. 

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Instead of taking short cuts at the end of each run, we keep each mold and all tools      in ready to run condition. During  production,  molds  are  exposed  to  grease,  hydraulic oil, rust, grime, and other  contaminants.  Utilizing  a  systematic  approach, our computers keep tally on the number of  shots  your  mold  produces.  When  the shot limit is met, the tooling department is notified electronically and your mold is brought in for comprehensive maintenance. 

Our facility runs on customized software which is  utilized  throughout  our  entire  plant. What this means to our customers is  constant  communication,  instant  real  time product inventories and increased cost  savings gained from these  efficiencies.  This modernization makes us a fierce  competitor.  Our  systems  run  so  seamlessly  and are so tightly integrated, that we are consistently a step ahead in our industry.

    Since 1964, GTM Plastics has been producing  quality plastics. Originally named Garland Tooling  and Machining, GTM has grown from producing that first part to producing over 50 million parts a year. Our reputation as an industry leader is very important to us and you’ll find that we will not sacrifice that to make a quick sale. Our leadership team has not only vast experience but  are  an  honest and forthright group. Our goal is to build a solid relationship with all our clients - and as such serve as a valued and trusted  partner.