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GTM PLASTICS is a manufacturer of Thermoplastic Injection Molding parts with capabilities for

secondary operations in assembly, hot plate and sonic welding, pad printing and hot stamping. In addition to secondary operations, GTM offers product development and prototyping design services using PROlE CAD system with three-dimensional and solid-modeling capabilities and the construction of tooling for injection molds. Design Concepts and ideas can be addressed by exchanging modified computer  files  with  responses  e-mailed  to Customer offices to reduce development cycle time. GTM manufactures parts for House Service Regulators, HV     AC, Medical Field, Sports and many other industries. Since starting its operation in 1964, GTM has taken a lead in  the injection molding business by building their business on Quality, Service and On  Time  Delivery.  GTM's Customer Satisfaction is clearly shown through many received awards such as, Preferred Supplier Award in the production of precision-engineered House Service Regulators for 100% quality and on time deliveries, Certified Supplier Excellence Award for a similar record of quality and delivery in the HV AC  industry.  GTM  was  also  featured in the "Injection Molding Magazine", in the article "Shipping Every Line Every Day".

GTM Plastics is a Garland Family Owned and Operated Business. Rick Whicker, President ofGTM Plastics as well as Eric Whicker, Vice President provide hands on service to our customers offering many years of injection molding experience to assist with the engineering aspects of product   development.


Our team is comprised of individuals who have been in this industry for over thirty years. They know this business inside and out  and  conversely  are  forward  thinkers.  You’ll  find  that we embrace technology and integrate it with our core business. Our customer service is unparalleled. It’s a statement that’s easy to make with the people we have to back it up.